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Seminar Records: 2006 Last half

1st (#111) : 2006/9/6(Wed) :The Journal Club

Fumi Tanabe reported
[HP]Functional-anatomic correlates of individual differences in memory.

Toru Yanagawa reported
[PDF]Beyond mind-reading: multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI data

Tomomitsu Herai reported
[HP]On Measuring the Perceived Onsets of Spontaneous Actions

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2nd (#112) : 2006/9/15(Fri) :The Journal Club

Eiichi Hoshino reported
[HP]Conjunctive Representation of Position, Direction, and Velocity in Entorhinal Cortex

Tetsuo Ishikawa reported
[PDF]New approaches to demystifying insight

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3rd (#113) :2006/9/19(Tue) :Guests' Talk

We had three guests.

They gave us talk about their own study. Thank you very much !

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4th (#114) :2006/9/27(Wed) :Journal Club & Progress Report

Ken Mogi reported briefly
[HP]Parochial altruism in human

Shinichi Nozawa reported
[PDF]Inhibitions of Nucleus Accumbens Neurons Encode a Gating Signal for Reward-Directed Behavior

And Fumi Okubo gave us her progress report.

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5th (#115) :2006/10/4(Wed) :Progress Report

Three lab. members presented their study for the purpose of preparing exmining meeting of Ph.D degree.

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6th (#116) :2006/10/31(Tue) :Progress Report & Jounal Club

Three lab. members of M2 reported their study progresion for about 20 minutes.

Kei Omata reported a paper:
[HP]On Making the Right Choice: The Deliberation-Without-Attention Effect

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7th(#117) :2006/11/10(Fri) :Journal Club

Two lab. members reported his/her select thesis.

Fumi Okubo reported :
[HP&PDF]Individual differences in decision making: Drive and reward responsiveness affect strategic bargaining in economic games

Ayako Onzo introduced a book.
[Amazon] "Disorders of Volition"
6. A Selectionist Model of the Ego: Implication for Self-Control
George Ainslie

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8th(#118) :2006/11/17(Fri) :Journal Club

Three lab. members reported his/her select thesis.

Takayasu Sekine reported :
[HP]Bayesian calibration of simultaneity in tactile temporal order judgment

Fumihiko Taya reported :
[HP]Separate neural pathways process different decision costs

Fumiko Tanabe reported :
[HP]Boosting slow oscillations during sleep potentiates memory

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9th(#119) :2006/12/1(Fri) :Journal Club

Three lab. members reported his/her select thesis.

Toru Yanagawa reported :
[PDF]Neural Correlates of Behavioral Preference for Culturally Familiar Drinks

Tamami Sudo reported :
[HP]Agent-Specific Responses in the Cingulate Cortex During Economic Exchanges

Zhang Qi reported :
[HP]Influence of the thalamus on spatial visual processing in frontal cortex

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10th(#120) :2006/12/7(Thu) :Progress Report

Two lab. members reported their study progresses.

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11th(#121) :2006/12/15(Fri) :Journal Club & Progress Report

One member reported his selected thesis.

Tomomitsu Herai reported :
[HP]Representation of body identity and body actions in extrastriate body area and ventral premotor cortex

Toru Yanagawa talked about his doctor thesis.

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12th(#122) :2006/12/22(Fri) :X'mas Special

All lab. members showed something funny, interesting or beautiful in front of others and enjoyed it.

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13th(#123) :2007/1/12(Fri) :Brainstorming and Journal Club

Two Lab. members showed their presentation and all members discussed that. That presentations were for the seminar in which they present their concept of study. Presentaters were :

And Two lab. members introduced a paper very bliefly.
Ken Mogi reported :
[HP]Five Rules for the Evolution of Cooperation

Eiichi Hoshino reported :
[PDF]Long-term deprivation affects visual perception and cortex

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14th(#124) : 2007/1/26(Fri) :Progress Report and Journal Club

F. Okubo, T. Herai and E. Hoshino reported very briefly his progress of their thesis for Master degree.

Kei Omata reported his progress of study and we discussed it.

On Journal Club ,two lab. members introduced their selected papers.
Tetsuo Ishikawa reported:
[HP]Wandering Minds: The Default Network and Stimulus-Independent Thought

Shinichi Nozawa reported:
[HP]Inhibited and Uninhibited Infants "Grown Up": Adult Amygdalar Response to Novelty

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15th(#125): 2007/2/2(Fri): Progress Report

Three lab. members of M2 presented presented their study for the purpose of preparing exmining meeting of master degree.

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16th(#126): 2007/2/16(Fri): Guest's talk

Shigemi Sawa visited us and he showed his Ph.D thesis. Thank you very much ! He is a student of Nakamura lab. which is our neighbor laboratory.

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17th(#127): 2007/2/23(Fri): Journal Club & Guest's talk

Takayasu Sekine introduced his selected paper.
[HP]The Neural Basis of Loss Aversion in Decision-Making Under Risk

Toshitaka Hidaka visited us and he talked about his study. Thank you very much !

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18th(#128): 2007/3/2(Fri): Guest's talk

Atsushi Iriki visited us and he talked about his study. Thank you very much !

Related link : Lab. for Symbolic Cognitive Development, BSI, RIKEN

19th(#129): 2007/3/9(Fri): Journal Club

Tow lab. members introduced their selected papers.

Toru Yanagawa introduced:
[HP]Stable Ensemble Performance with Single-Neuron Variability during Reaching Movements in Primates

Kei Omata introduced:
[PDF]Myopia and ambient lighting at night

20th(#130): 2007/3/16(Fri): Journal Club

Three lab. members introduced their selected papers.

Tamami Sudo introduced:
[HP]Grasping the Intentions of Others with One's Own Mirror Neuron System

Shinichi Nozawa introduced:
[HP]Dysfunction of ventral striatal reward prediction in schizophrenic patients treated with typical, not atypical, neuroleptics

Ayako Onzo introduced:
[HP]Neural Predictors of Purchases

21st(#131): 2007/3/23(Fri): The Final Lectures

Two lab. members who are going to graduate and leave the our lab. talked freely as a "final lecture".

22nd(#132): 2007/3/30(Fri): Journal Club

Two lab. members introduced their selected papers.

Tomomitsu Herai introduced:
[HP]Motor-Sensory Recalibration Leads to an Illusory Reversal of Action and Sensation

Fumihiko Taya introduced:
[HP]Switching from automatic to controlled action by monkey medial frontal cortex

And Mami Toshima gave us a short English lecture.

In this seminar we had three new commers, Haruna Takagawa, Mami Toshima and Miki Kato. Welcome to our lab.!

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